Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Starting Kindy

Wow what a week! My son is starting feel better which is great and I am hoping that means more sleep is coming soon for us.

I got a call today from our local Kindergarten. My daughter was due to start when school started back in February next year, but they rang today and said that she can start next week.

I am a little bit in a spin because I don't feel organised. She is still having an afternoon nap, right at the time that Kindy is on, we haven't sorted her out a backpack/lunchbox and I just don't feel prepared as I thought I still had a few months to sort out a few little things around toilet ettiquette and sharing etc.

I am going to get my husband to work from home on Tuesday so that he can look after my son (who has the same afternoon nap schedule) so that I can be with her on her first day to get adjusted.

Any tips (apart from stop stressing) for little ones starting Kindy?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Holidays and baby illness

We had a fantastic time at the lake and the weather was even pretty good. However we had to come home early because my son had a fever and it just wouldn't go away.

So we trundled him off to the doctor, making the appointment in the camper on the way back and it turns out the poor mite has tonsillitis. He is just completely miserable.

Last night was our worst nights sleep ever. Every 20 mins he would be upset. In the end he slept in my arms because he just couldn't handle being away from me. I don't think I got more than 3 hours in 20 minute stretches, so today I'm completely wiped out.

To top it all off I had to drive my husband into the city to drop him and work - will have to pick him up this afternoon and we have dropped the car off for a service.

I think I need a cup of coffee or 7!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Unplanned week

This week is one of those weeks where I just have no time. My grandfather in Australia was admitted to hospital and it turns out he needs a pacemaker - which he should be getting today. He lives 4.5 hours north of Sydney where my parents are and 2 hours from the nearest hospital that can do it.

This means my parents have had to cancel their trip over here to join us fishing down the lake, they were due to arrive yesterday.

My grandfather will be in that hospital for 2 days and then back at one near his home for another three, then he can go home, so my father will be up there for a while.

Our plans are in complete disarray and now we are only going away for 5 days, leaving tomorrow night and I had my market on Sunday which I did very well.

I'm looking forward to a few days of unplugging for a while and just trying to relax as much as I can with the 4 of us in a campervan and the kids on holiday.

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope I have lots of photos when I get back!


Monday, 17 October 2011

Cookie Decorating for toddlers

Today we had my neighbour in with her two kids and did some cookie decorating. To do this you will need:
Gingerbread cookies, royal icing in different colours in squeeze bottles, Accessories - I used m&ms, coloured choc bits and silver cachous.
The kids sat around the table and had a great time. There was surprisingly very little mess. I think the best bit for them was they got to eat what they made! :-)
It's just a shame my little pocket camera takes such terrible photos!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The nursery / childrens room

I wanted to share with you the nursery where I have both my children. I love this room - I think it is the best in the house. It is the smallest but it has lots of windows and light. It is approx 3m x 3m - 10ft by 10ft, so it is small, but it has the air conditioner which is so handy for sleeping in winter and cooling in summer.

Both the kids just squeeze in here, I think we will have to change them to another room when my son moves out of the cot.

We have my daughters bed, the cot, a chair to read stories and for calming duties in the middle of the night and a bookcase. There is also a little stool my father in law made for me for feeding, but is now used for my daughter to climb into bed.

We have a cat, so we bought the cot canopy. I think it makes the cot look gorgeous and it keep away the bugs and we have actually found the cat on it trying to get to my daughter when she first came home, so it was money well spent.

The only things I would change about the nursery will be the wall colour to a sky blue and maybe the curtains to match, and then it will become a real little boys room for when the kids eventually get separate rooms. For now they get upset if they are not together.

I know I was supposed to do a quiet book page today, but I'm out of materials so have to go shopping. I'll have to do two next week if I'm going to get the book finished for my daughter for Christmas

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Oil Disaster

Wednesday is normally my day for a new Quiet Book Page, but today is different. I feel I need to talk about this - New Zealand's worst maritime disaster.

Almost a week ago the oil and cargo ship Rena hit a CHARTERED reef off our main deep water port in Tauranga and the heavy seas are now breaking the ship up and 1700 TONNES of oil is leaking.

Over the last few days small amounts of oil have been washing up on shore, but all that changed overnight with the heavy seas. Some of our most beautiful beaches are now being ruined.

It is a sad time for us here, with not much we can do but wait to clean up and try and save as much of the wildlife as possible.

I will post my new quiet book page tomorrow :-) Kat

Monday, 10 October 2011

A kitchen helper for the kitchen helpers

I love looking at the Internet for cool things, especially for the kids, and when they started to pull stools over to get up to the kitchen bench to see what what going on, it was time to look again.

My daughter used to love getting up on a bar stool to watch me and try to help, but one day she fell straight on her head and we ended up with hospital and she had a huge bump on her forehead. No more I said.

So I looked and looked and looked. I found an awesome product called the Kitchen Helper. Yet again - not available in New Zealand - but for all you lucky people in the US, you are set. It is an awesome device that allows you to change the height of it and it can fit two children on it to get them to the bench.

So I got my fantastic father in law to make one, and he just got it finished last weekend. The kids are in and out of it all the time and love being able to see what is going on and I know that they are safe. Happy all round!!
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