Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Starting Kindy

Wow what a week! My son is starting feel better which is great and I am hoping that means more sleep is coming soon for us.

I got a call today from our local Kindergarten. My daughter was due to start when school started back in February next year, but they rang today and said that she can start next week.

I am a little bit in a spin because I don't feel organised. She is still having an afternoon nap, right at the time that Kindy is on, we haven't sorted her out a backpack/lunchbox and I just don't feel prepared as I thought I still had a few months to sort out a few little things around toilet ettiquette and sharing etc.

I am going to get my husband to work from home on Tuesday so that he can look after my son (who has the same afternoon nap schedule) so that I can be with her on her first day to get adjusted.

Any tips (apart from stop stressing) for little ones starting Kindy?

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