Monday, 10 October 2011

A kitchen helper for the kitchen helpers

I love looking at the Internet for cool things, especially for the kids, and when they started to pull stools over to get up to the kitchen bench to see what what going on, it was time to look again.

My daughter used to love getting up on a bar stool to watch me and try to help, but one day she fell straight on her head and we ended up with hospital and she had a huge bump on her forehead. No more I said.

So I looked and looked and looked. I found an awesome product called the Kitchen Helper. Yet again - not available in New Zealand - but for all you lucky people in the US, you are set. It is an awesome device that allows you to change the height of it and it can fit two children on it to get them to the bench.

So I got my fantastic father in law to make one, and he just got it finished last weekend. The kids are in and out of it all the time and love being able to see what is going on and I know that they are safe. Happy all round!!

1 comment:

  1. My son LOVES pulling up the stools and help me bake. Thankfully he hasn't fallen off yet, but I'll for sure be looking into the kitchen helper!:)


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