Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Quiet book page - fish in the sea

For this double page spread you will need:
Felt in skyblue, grass green, sand yellow and ocean blue
Felt offcuts in a variety of colours for fish
Small 3mm wobbly eyes
PVA glue
Wonder under
Non fusible interfacing for the page (or whatever you use)
As per my other quiet book pages, this template uses the bottom (sand) component as a storage pocket on both sides.

Reverse the pattern and cut. Detailed instructions can be found on my apples on a tree post.
 Trace onto wonder under and iron onto the felt. Cut out the pieces. Then attach the ocean and sand to the back of the page. These pieces will join together nicely.
On the top iron on the sky and the seaweed/reeds.
For the fish, cut them out is whatever shaps and colours you like. I have shown two here that both have the wobbly eye glued on and are of different patterns to get you started
If you would like me to put up the template, please let a comment and let me know :-)

More quiet book pages can be found here

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